Capital Asset Management is designed to be flexible in order to adjust the investment strategy to the needs, goals and wishes of the portfolio holder. Asset management aims to take advantage of investment opportunities in international capital markets and at the same time minimize any investment risks through risk-management tools and strategies, always aiming to achieve the desired investment returns.

Asset Management Strategy

Focusing on personalized solutions utilizing a wide range of investment options and combining managerial experience and know-how an appropriate management strategy is determined. The strategy chosen is based on each client’s investing profile as it is determined through personal interview and the provision of financial information.

Consequently the strategy is determined according to the specific characteristics that define each investor:

  • The level of risk that each investor is willing to undertake. The Company determines the investor’s profile based on the level of risk that the investor is willing to hold for every level of expected return.
  • The client’s investment timeframe. This is determined by when the investor might need to liquidate their holdings. The formulated investment proposal contains products that best fit the client’s investment horizon.
  • Each investor’s desired returns. The investor’s expectation for returns combined with the related levels of risk, allows the Company’s professional experts to effectively design the strategy.