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The Company offers services for the reception, transmission and execution of orders for the whole range of products traded in all the markets in which it is active. The simplest form of execution is Cash Account securities trading; each transaction is executed based on the client’s current cash balance. Thus the client has a predefined exposure and knows in advance the funding needs of their account.

In addition to Cash Accounts, Capital provides the option to acquire securities of greater value than the client’s current cash balance, secured against a Margin Security Portfolio using securities or cash as collateral. Margin trading can be either short-term two day credit or a longer unconstrained period. Credit is provided according to current laws and regulations that govern the margin credit in Greece.

The Joint Custody Account (JCA) is available only to natural persons who also maintain an active custody/clearing account with the Hellenic Central Security Depository and are current Capital clients. Its operation is similar to a joint bank account in that all the named natural persons jointly own a security portfolio.

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