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Clients are able to execute orders on shares traded on the Athens Stock Exchange through one of the aforementioned brokerage accounts.

Capital offers access to all derivative products that are traded on the Athens Derivatives Exchange Market, such as futures and options on FTSE/ATHEX 25 Index, and on all available underlying large and mid-cap stocks, as well as stock lending on specific stocks of ASE.

The Company’s certified executives provide information and clarifications needed to create the appropriate execution strategy on all available ADEX derivative products.

Capital, through its participation in the X-NET network, provides direct execution on 37 international markets.

ΧΝΕΤ network is a service for accessing foreign capital markets, whilst maintaining the clearing and settlement of transactions within the Hellenic Dematerialized Securities System. In addition, through a network of selected international execution brokers and custodians, Capital provides access to all global markets with transparency and immediate execution.

Through Capital, investors have the opportunity to invest in fixed income products such as sovereign or corporate bonds, either domestic or international. Foreign and domestic custodian services are offered for transactions of fixed income products.

ETFs (Exchange Trade Funds) – to provide an even wider access to assets and products not available through mutual funds, clients can invest in ETFs. This further allows them to indirectly trade financial products such as indices (DAX, IBEX, CAC, FTSE , NASDAQ, et.al.), commodities (e.g. Gold, Silver, Copper), fixed income products as well as forex products.

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